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The American Institute for Public Safety (AIPS) has earned recognition as one of the nation's leading and most innovative training, education and traffic safety marketing companies, offering the uniquely effective Roadrageous brand of Aggressive Driver Programs.

Traffic Safety, an oxymoron? Perhaps, but the lack of its results in millions of crashes which take the lives of more than 40,000 Americans each year and cost taxpayers more than $160 billion...directly and indirectly.

AIPS is dedicated to leading our nation into a new era of driving safety by instilling in American drivers the awareness and knowledge to mitigate the loss of life and its financial impact.

The American Institute for Public Safety, with a core group of highly trained professional instructors, educates thousands of students each and every week.

AIPS - with corporate headquarters in Plantation, FL - specializes in the use of humor as a delivery mechanism for its public and private sector products. The long-proven premise is that when people are enjoying themselves, they are more open and receptive to information which they are then better able to retain. Many of our programs have undergone extensive testing and evaluation to determine their efficacy. For example, the effectiveness of the company's "Roadrageous" program in reducing violations crashes has been further validated by two studies conducted by the State of Florida.

AIPS has assembled an advisory panel to provide the company with expert advice and assistance in areas ranging from curriculum development to public policy issues. This panel creates a resource second to none in the areas of traffic safety and education.

The panels members are:

Chairman: Dr. Ricardo Martinez.
Dr. Martinez was administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 1994 to 1999. He oversaw the lowest fatality rate, the lowest percentage of alcohol-related fatal crashes, and the highest rate of seatbelt usage in American history.

Dr. Leon A. James and Dr. Diane Nahl. Both Professor James and Dr. Nahl are professors of traffic psychology at the University of Hawaii. Both are published experts and contribute regularly to curriculum development for AIPS. In 1997, Dr. James was a congressional witness in traffic psychology.

Dr. Arnold Nerenberg. Dr. Nerenberg is known as “America’s Road Rage Therapist.” He has testified before Congress on the subject of aggressive driving and regularly appears on national television as the expert on the aggressive driving mentality and how to save lives on the nation’s roadways. Dr. Nerenberg regularly contributes to AIPS curriculum development.

Besides the panel of experts, AIPS also benefits from collaboration with innovative and well-respected safety organizations such as the Texas Engineering Extension Service (A part of the Texas A&M University Service) and Nova Southeastern University of Florida.

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